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The Directors of the Casabela Hotel consider the implementation of a Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility policy important in order to guarantee the commitment to the clients, collaborators, suppliers and society, as we strongly believe that all our procedures have an impact on the environment.


  • 7% Reduction in energy
  • 20% Reduction in rubbish/waste
  • 15% Separation of recyclable waste
  • Purchase of environmentally friendly products
  • Encourage our collaborators and clients to participate in activities which benefit society
  • Reaching another TUI Holly and TUI environmental certificate

How we will achieve these goals

  • With training and awareness activities, meeting on a monthly basis with our collaborators to this end.
  • Encourage our collaborators, suppliers and clients to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

What we have and do

  • Mini solar energy production plant which prevents the release of 150 tonnes of CO² per year into the atmosphere
  • Application of the solar installation as a greenhouse for the cultivation of baby-tomatos
  • 80% of the hotel’s hot water supplied by solar energy
  • Solar energy pool heating
  • Waste water plant for the hotel which is used for garden and park irrigation
  • Rainwater cistern and collection system for irrigation use
  • Compost pit
  • Garden waste chipper
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Separation of ink and toners
  • Separation of batteries and lamps
  • Separation of rubbish/waste
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Reuse of waste paper for internal documents and notes
  • Collection of bottle tops to aid associations in the acquisition of equipment, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Training of our collaborators
  • We use organic products from our garden in the confection of jams and marmalades


  • Our staff is permanently trained, are treated with respect and paid due to their services. They are the mirror to the outside.
  • The education and training are important in everyday life in order to ensure the safety of employees when they draw up their professional activities, also providing the safety of customers and others.

Social Responsibility:

  • The hotel has many awards - TUI Holly, TUI environment, Michelin, TopHotel at HolidayCheck
  • We inform our guests that the fishing village of Ferragudo is still local. Recommend typical locale and shops.
  • Over the past years we have worked hard, dedicating ourselves to our customers, to our hotel and garden, and received awards as TUI Holly, TUI Umwelt and the Travelife.


  • We do not condone or practice either racism or human exploitation.
  • As humans, we are all important, not the colour, religion or sexual orientation.